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RE-source is a collaborative project between Design Academy Eindhoven – lectoraat Places and Traces, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Faculty of Humanities, Gemeente Rotterdam and Studio Ester van de Wiel.

In this project, five designers have consecutively researched waste streams within the municipality of Rotterdam. AmperDesign researched the waste stream sludge and soil and proposed a circular approach to soil as a living system.

AmperDesign researched the sludge cycle by mapping out the residual flow of soil and sludge in Rotterdam from July to August 2018.
Approaching the sludge depots as a 'biotopic factory' creates a new way of dealing with sludge that has been dredged from urban waterways.

The sludge depot can be seen both as a biotope and its commercial function: drying and maturing sludge into reusable top soil.

AmperDesign proposes a symbiotic process in which pioneer fibers transform the sludge into valuable soil in 'evaporation architecture'.