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Digging Conditions

Science enables us more and more to overcome the limitations of being an earthbound creature.
But by overcoming the limitations of life itself, we forget that these conditions are part of being human.

This ongoing detachment from our earthbound conditions, alienates us from our human nature. Digging Conditions is a set of tools as a response to the paradoxical way we view progress and technological development.
It is a mechanical invitation for thinking by doing.  

This set of tools embodies three fundamental human activities as defined by philosopher Hannah Arendt, in an attempt to counter

A wheelbarrow that actively throws out what was scooped up demonstrates ‘Labour’; the repetitive cycle of life and its biological needs.

The shovel that compresses soil into blocks illustrates ‘Work’; our drive to create and to leave something behind.

And the two-armed drill that shows us ‘Action’; human collaboration and interaction, that man can never exist alone.

The tools are an ode to physicality in the digital age and a mechanical invitation to revalue the human conditions that connect us
to our earth.

“Only within the limits of nature is freedom possible” Hannah Arendt